Semalt Explains How To Block Reddit.Com Referral Spam In Google Analytics

If you see unusual traffic and a lot of views on your account, then you don't need to worry and try to adjust the settings of your Google Analytics account. Most recently, Russian referral spammers began spamming several well-versed and famous domains and created a large number of accounts on Google Analytics using the details of other people. They created a lot of web pages on and pretended to be your well-wishers. They have also infected the users and websites of,, and to a great extent. Thus, it is strongly needed to get rid of those spammers before it's too late and they access your personal data.

Ivan Konovalov, the Semalt expert, states that one of the major reasons why spammers spam your Google Analytics data using referral traffic and other similar legitimate websites is that they want to get attention from your side and want to attract you towards their personal URLs and associated web browsers. When you open their links, you will see that there is nothing useful to read or get inspired from. But your visit is always counted towards their view, and they get paid for it by Google AdSense. In recent months, has been used by a lot of people to send spam visits and traffic to multiple sites. It has been a good way to promote one's site, but now it is not providing the quality results.

Such spammers have been referred to as associated spammers, and they cannot be stopped until serious measures are not taken against them. The downside of this spamming strategy is that it can ruin the data in your Google Analytics, making it tough for you to analyze and evaluate the information of your own website. The traffic that arrives from in this form has nothing to do with credibility. Instead, it affects your Google Analytics data to a great extent. For example, the referrals may appear to be landing on one or two web pages on your site and then leave with almost 100 percent bounce rate. Such results are not good for your website and should not be included in your Google Analytics. In such circumstances, you should consider filtering the traffic and ensuring that your website remains safe.

It's true that referrer spam has the capacity of ruining your analytical data. It will also cause various problems for you and can affect search engine optimization of your website. For this purpose, spammers use a variety of tools and tactics as they want to make sure that your website views look natural, and you feel that the traffic is arriving from

Referrer spammers target your sites and their data because of many reasons. For example, they want to promote their own websites through your search results and want to put you behind the race. Plus, they want to boost their Google search engine ranking by creating backlinks on your site. In any of the ways, it can harm your website and should be gotten rid of as early as possible.